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For this invitational plein air group show, I completed six new paintings this spring and delivered them a few days ago. The long drive to the Catskills was well worth it – once I got there the temperature dropped 10 degrees, and the paintings were well-received…. by the gallery’s mascot shi-tzu, anyway!

This show opens Saturday, July 2. Visit for more information. If you are in the Catskills, Windham is a lovely small town at the northern edge of the mountains, less than half an hour west of Route 87 on Route 23, and maybe around 45 minutes from Hudson, NY.


An idea whose time has come… now available, a compilation of my paintings from over the last 8 years, depicting the Gowanus Canal and scenes nearby: Gowanus – The Canal and Its Environs. With almost 30 color reproductions, printed on high quality, heavyweight paper, this paperback book documents how many ways I was inspired by the canal. Order it by December 12 to get it delivered in time for Christmas (or pay more for faster delivery). Click on the image to see a preview and ordering information. Thank you!!

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