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It helps that I’m curating the shows at Purume Gallery – I am able to put my own work into exhibitions whenever I can. So, the truth is out! The next show which we will be hanging tomorrow features four of us who paint our hometown with great affection and energy. Except for Little Owl Cafe, which is a restaurant in the West Village, the rest of my paintings will be Brooklyn views. The other three artists will have paintings of Coney Island and Manhattan. My friend Ticia’s paintings are almost exclusively of Greenwich Village views. This exhibit is likely to be popular. Hope you’ll stop by!

Early Evening on Garfield Place, 24"x30", oil on linen

Guitars on Court Street, 9"x12", oil on canvas

Park Trees, Backlit Late Afternoon, 24"x30", oil on linen

Purple and Blue Awnings, 12"x16", oil on canvas

Little Owl Cafe, 9"x12", oil on panel

The Artists’ Reception will be on Wednesday, May 18, 6-8 pm. Hope to see you there!  For more info, visit


Not my painting, but the restaurant itself has been in the news a lot lately for its great burgers. The slow economy seems to have made the burger quite the popular menu item for many restaurants.  So how do I get my painting to get as much press/media attention?! Here’s a mention in the NY Times: click here. I saw one elsewhere, too, but can’t remember where at the moment…

Little Owl Cafe, Greenwich Village, oil on panel, 9 x 12 in.

Little Owl Cafe, Greenwich Village, oil on panel, 9 x 12 in.

I’ve been painting a bit more slowly than usual; my time has become highly divided between artwork and my volunteer duties for the Salmagundi Club.  (Note to self: must limit time away from painting. It has been painful, not to mention it makes me very cranky!). Here are three new paintings I’ve worked on for my upcoming show with Mary Connelly. I’ve been focusing on small works because the gallery we will be showing in is very small. There are others underway.

cafe bar

“Cafe Bar”, oil on canvas, 9×12 in.

I’ve walked by this block on 5th Ave in Park Slope a gazillion times on my way to my studio.  One day this view struck me – such a typical Brooklyn street scene, on a quiet weekend morning in Park Slope before the hordes hit the streets.

abc construction co.

“ABC Construction Co.”, oil on canvas, 12×16 in

I’ve looked at this view even more than a gazillion times… it’s a scene from my studio window! A typical Gowanus neighborhood view.  For the last couple of years, I couldn’t quite figure out a composition (see “works in progress” for a painting I never did finish because it just wasn’t working for me – a view mostly of a cloudy sky above this view). It finally hit me this spring when the guy started to sweep the driveway, the truck was pulled out front, the shadows hit just right. I like how it captures the feeling of all the “layers” of urban space receding back and away.

little owl cafe

“Little Owl Cafe, West Village,” oil on panel, 9×12 in.

I started this painting using my pochade box after walking around quite a bit in the West Village (yes, I ventured into Manhattan).  I realized that one down-side of the pochade box is that you need to be able to sit somewhere to paint with it. I ended up perched on the edge of a narrow tree-well “fence” with my pochade box on my lap. It was precarious and definitely not comfortable. I got a good part of the painting done while there (the gentleman in the painting sat for a few minutes, walked away and then miraculously came back so that I could finish getting his likeness!), but finished it up back at my studio.  I enjoyed working with the shaded areas in the foreground and the sun sneaking through between the shadows of buildings and the cafe’s awning, but the background buildings are lit up… sort of a reversed lighting set-up.

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