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The latest news is one that I can’t make totally public — a well-respected NYC architect invited me to hang six small and one large painting in her office in midtown. The paintings will be on loan for about six months.  It is an exciting opportunity to have my work potentially seen by high end residential and commercial clients, but it is not “open to the public”. I let the architect select which paintings she’d like. I was most surprised that she chose these three interiors:

corner of the studio

Corner of the Studio


vermont condo dining area

Vermont Condo

warm glow in living room

Warm Glow in Living Room

And not so surprised about these three cityscapes:

ginger's bar

Ginger’s Bar

abc construction co.

ABC Construction Co.

Purple and Blue Awnings on Smith Street

Purple and Blue Awnings on Smith Street

And, I was most pleased that she chose this large unusual composition that I started while at the Vermont Studio Center (a month-long artist residency). I reworked it a few years later in my own Brooklyn studio to “correct” the light (thanks to looking at some Hopper interiors!).

Studio in Vermont

Studio in Vermont

Cross your fingers that someone will be interested in taking a piece home with them (after paying, of course!).


I have to admit that I’ve been woefully inattentive to this blog. I’ve been very distracted by Facebook and my artist page there; getting “fans” on FB has been a new source of positive feedback! So, please don’t take this lack of postings as a sign that I haven’t been busy at my easel. In fact, I have a couple of new paintings underway. This one of the Gowanus Canal is actually inspired by the cloud reflections.  Not easy to get them like on the Canal on a calm day.

I also decided to skip posting “works in progress” in a separate section and just include them in my regular posts. So, here’s how my Canal painting has developed:

I’ve got a few things to touch up before I deem it “finished.” Will keep you posted!

I finally finished this painting (and posted in on my website), Regina Painting Church Garden, after working on it off and on since late June. I usually don’t do this with paintings executed on site, and for good reasons, which I experienced with this one! The sun’s angle became steeper, most of the flowers had finished blooming, and I never got to coordinate with Regina (one of my studiomates) again. However, that bright blue bicycle was there every time I went!

Regina Painting Church Garden.500

Regina Painting Church Garden, oil on canvas, 16"x20"

This summer I decided to try doing some loose, relaxed oil sketches of scenes that strike me in some way as nice, and maybe possibilities for bigger, more finished paintings.  These are all 9×12 inches mostly on archival plein air painting panels from ArtBoards, a Brooklyn-based company. I’ll be adding them to my website soon – they’ll be well-priced, so stay tuned!

I painted these in the Catskill Mountains:

Red House by Woods

Red House by Woods

Lake Beach

Lake Beach

And these I did in my neighoborhood in Brooklyn:

botanical garden

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

Path in Prospect Park

Path in Prospect Park

Finally, we’re having June weather and it’s a delight. I returned to Clinton Street (I think it’s north of Degraw), to this church and its garden. I’ve been going a bit past mid-day, which means the sun is high and a bit behind the scene. It makes for some fabulous shadows.  It was a little slow going yesterday because as soon as I got there clouds kept coming and going. And, I forgot my big floppy hat. So, I had this odd combination of waiting for the sun to come back out and then having to shield my eyes when it did.

Here’s my set-up:

Easel set up on Clinton Street

Easel set up on Clinton Street

And here’s how the painting looked at the end of the day:

2nd pass at painting the scene

2nd pass at painting the scene

Will have to get back there soon, cross your fingers for more great weather (that’s my painter friend and studiomate, Regina!).

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