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Once again, in July I had the great fortune of being invited to spend 2 weeks at an informal artists residency in Woodstock, NY. I arrived completely spent from having put up yet another show at Purume Gallery where I’ve been curating a variety of art exhibits, putting up and taking down a 2-person show at St Francis College with my wonderful painter friend Mary K. Connelly, painting and delivering 6 new paintings for the annual Windham Fine Arts plein air exhibit (see post below), working on my apartment building’s garden, and the rest of my life! After a couple of days in recovery, I went out and painted a few studies, oil on paper:

It was so much fun working alongside the stream, that I ended up turning this study into an 18″x24″ painting:

This lead to inspiration for another finished painting done from nearby:

These were fine mornings – quiet, except for the burbling of the stream behind me, the sun filtered by all the trees that managed to take root in the rocky stream bank, and a nice breeze keeping everything cool.  Until around 11:30 when all the families or camp groups descended to swim in the large swimming hole nearby.

To see more sketches from this escape, visit my Facebook page: (you don’t have to be a FB member to view the page). I’ll add more here, too…. eventually!


It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 2 months since I last posted.  This summer is flying by in a blur. It started with two collectors expressing interest in having me paint a specific view for them, i.e. two different paintings. I started one right away, a portrait of a brownstone in Park Slope, with a sketch:

Pencil sketch for brownstone painting

I started to work on this when the second commission came in for a painting of Nobska Lighthouse in Cape Cod, MA. Here’s my initial oil sketch (on the canvas to be painted):

oil sketch for Nobska Lighthouse painting

I made some headway with the brownstone portrait, and then packed up for a couple of weeks at an annual “Ad Hoc Artist Residency” in Woodstock, NY, in July. Our experience got written up in the local paper, the Woodstock Times.

While in Woodstock, among others, I painted this painting of the swimming pool in the yard:

Poolside, oil on canvas, 18"x24"

Being away in Woodstock was such a treat. Being in the Catskill Mountains meant that even with the heat wave that hit the Northeast, it was cooler there, especially in the evenings and I was able to paint (sweating) outside. I haven’t yet posted this painting to my website. I’ll be doing that soon.

More updates to come…

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