Stay tuned. I’ll be posting my favorite books and art supplies as I go along.

Of course, since I’m mentioned in 100 New York Painters, I recommend it the most highly!

Books for artists
Creating a Life Worth Living, Carol Lloyd – a realistic primer on how to shape your life in order to aspire to a creative life.

Taking the Leap, Building A Career as a Visual Artist, Cay Lang – a nice overview of the ins and outs of the art business for beginner artists and those ready to take their careers to the next level.

How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist, Caroll Michels – a dense reference book full of relevant resources for almost every aspect of an artists’ career.

The Artist’s Guide to New Markets, Peggy Haden – for the entrepreneurial-minded artist who doesn’t mind taking their career into their own hands (i.e. forget about waiting for a gallery to call)

Books for all
How to Cook Everything, Mark Bittman – this is what gets me through most weeks of cooking nearly every night! It’s sort of an updated “Joy of Cooking” with a wide range of “ethnic” dishes that we’re all used to eating. Generally simple, but tasty recipes abound. A great way to try new vegetables I find at the Grand Army Plaza Farmer’s Market.

Art supplies
Robert Simmons Titanium brushes – I just discovered these, ordered them because the ones I usually buy were no longer in the Dick Blick catalogue. They are strong, firm yet flexible and really do retain their shape. A real joy to work with. The ends don’t fray and splay out as do the bristle brushes I usually buy.