(photo credit: Jon Naiman)

Based in Brooklyn, NY, I am mostly a self-taught artist, working primarily “en plein air” when the weather permits. I also occasionally work from sketches and photos, but only of places where I’ve actually been. Painting on-site, from life, comes with its challenges (wind, heat, cold, overly chatty passers-by, bugs flying into wet paint on the canvas), thrills (light hitting a brick wall a special way, gorgeous water reflections), and joys (connecting with a location’s unique features and being able to capture that moment). But mostly it requires an intense focus. When it’s all working well, painting can be a form of highly active meditation.

My goal is to find a simple way to capture the spirit of a scene at a particular instance. Inevitably the paintings become infused with my own wonder and delight at having discovered something – a pattern, a gesture, an angle of light – that is inherently pleasing. At best my paintings pay tribute to the abundant benefits of attentiveness.

Please visit my website EllaYangStudio.com to see my latest cityscapes, landscapes, interiors and works on paper (etchings).

Ella Yang Studio
168 7th Street, Suite 2L
Brooklyn, NY 11215